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What is an alliance contract?

An alliance contract is one contract between the owner, financier or commissioner and an alliance of parties who deliver the project or service. There is a risk share across all parties and collective ownership of opportunities and responsibilities associated with delivery of the whole project or service.

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Healthcare Workers

Building an alliance contract

An alliance contract is more than just a contract. It is a way of working that focuses on relationships and creating an environment of trust, collaboration and innovation. Getting this right leads to people finding solutions and results that no one had thought possible.

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Hospital Care

Why choose an alliance contract?

An alliance contract is ideal for integrated care because it drives collaboration between all parties. Contracts are not separated from improvement and transformation initiatives; they are an integral part of them.

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“Linda is not only engaging in her approach but manages to create a real give and take between delegates enabling discussion and investigation of what it really takes to plan and deliver an alliance contract.  It has moved the discussion forward a huge step in Cornwall. Without her very knowledgeable input and coaching we would never have made it this far.”

Sally Jones, Project Network Manager, Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs

“We have been delighted to work with Linda on our People Powered Health programme. She has been an invaluable source of information on how contracts can deliver good outcomes and she helped our teams get ‘unstuck’ and really move forward. She has had a demonstrable and positive impact on our work – thank you Linda.”

Tina Strack, People Powered Health, Nesta

“It was a stimulating, positive experience, partnering with LH Alliances. Linda’s work around alliance contracting and our Experience Led Commissioning™ approach fit together like a glove. We both learnt a lot and helped each other improve our thinking. I look forward to partnering with LH Alliances in the future and would recommend working with Linda to others.”

Georgina Craig, National Programme Director ELC™

” Linda is a calm and highly effective and professional facilitator; fun and easy to work with but very able to ask searching and challenging questions of the client – just what we needed. “

Sarah Richard, Project Manager, Newcastle Social Prescribing Project

“Linda helped to clarify the range and depth of development work needed to take forward our ambitions for achieving integrated care through an alliance framework. She has helped our thinking enormously.”

Denis O’Rourke, Lambeth Living Well Collaborative, Lambeth CCG

“Linda was great at constructive challenge and at getting an initially disparate group to discover that more integration and collaboration might be in everyone’s interest.”

Professor Chris Drinkwater, Chair NHS Newcastle West and President, NHS Alliance

“Linda was able to guide commissioners and partners to successfully take the next steps to coproduce commissioning. She was both aspirational and motivating as well as practical and pragmatic when circumstances required it. Linda was an excellent and industrious guide without whom I am certain the significant progress we made could not have been achieved .”

Nick Dixon, Commissioning Manager, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

“Linda’s expertise in alliance contracting has added huge value in our work at PwC with clients who are battling with the practicalities of large scale integration across health and social care. Her approach to creating new contracting models is both practical and realistic, her professional experience as a clinician connects her well with our CCG clients.”

Dr Jonathan Steel, Senior Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers