Alliance workshops

Alliances are a powerful form of collaboration. Creating successful alliances requires a fresh mindset and new skills in order to truly unlock innovation and create value.

Workshops on all aspects of alliances – tailored for you

Our workshops are for you if you are:

  • considering using alliancing to transform your services
  • looking to bid for or participate in an alliance contract
  • involved in an alliance and want to make it even more successful
  • involved in an alliance that could be functioning better

LH Alliances’ facilitators have worked on many different alliances. We’ve developed ways to help you build trust between parties, create robust collaborative decision making and address the many other opportunities and challenges of working together.

Face-to-face workshops are best for developing relationships and learning about each other. However, as with many others in 2020, we have adapted to virtual platforms with workshops run on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Recent examples of online workshops are

  • a review of a new alliance with 20 people
  • a series of training sessions for 15 local authority staff on the building blocks for success for alliances
  • market information sessions for a planned new alliance

Click on the tabs below for examples of workshops we can run for you and your colleagues. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

An Introduction to Alliancing and Alliance Contracts

This is our most popular workshop. We combine information about the key elements in alliancing and alliance contracting with discussion about your context and objectives. A highly interactive and immersive way to really understand what a true alliance entails and whether it is right for you. We cover:

  • The basic elements of alliancing
  • Case study examples
  • Tips and techniques
  • Lessons learned and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Is alliancing right for you?

This works best as a 2-3 hour workshop

Setting up your Alliance for Success

We know that people looking for a new way of working like the alliance approach but are unsure how it might apply to their particular situation.

We can cover the issues you will need to consider, the decisions to be made and the preparations you will need to undertake as you commence an alliance contract. We will cover:

  • Why choose an alliance or alliance contract
  • The components of alliances
  • Owner readiness and capability
  • The initial steps to get started
  • Right partners, aligned and committed

We have run this as a one day face-to-face workshop and as a series of 1 1/2 hour virtual sessions

The Owner Role in an Alliance

The owner (or commissioner) is normally the instigator of the new way of working. They initiate the formation of the alliance and set its mandate and outcomes. They also have a key role within the alliance. In our experience this dual role takes time to understand and function well. We have therefore created a specific workshop to cover the owner’s role.

  • Clarity on purpose and outcomes
  • Governance in the owner’s organisation
  • Governance within the alliance
  • The commissioner role as the client and as alliance participant
  • Essential commissioner leadership behaviours

This is a half or one day face-to-face workshop or can be rearranged as one or more virtual sessions

Selecting the Right Alliance Partners

Successful alliances depend on having the right partners who are aligned on purpose and outcomes and are committed to innovation and collaboration. Depending on the circumstances, owners may select from existing partners or go to the market.

This workshop focuses on the selection of the partners.

  • Identifying attributes and competences needed from partners
  • Selection processes
  • Market engagement and procurement
  • Procurement and competition law and alliances

This is a half day workshop

Alliance Health Check

Newly formed alliances have a lot to do. It is easy to get overwhelmed with delivery imperatives and all the calls on your time. Standing back, celebrating your progress and checking yourselves against the new way of working is very important.

This workshop will bring people together to take stock. It will allow you to come together to consider your achievements and challenges so far as an alliance, for your organisation and for you personally.

  • Alliance principles in practice
  • Capabilities for collaborative leadership
  • Governance and management review
  • Next steps planning to maximise your success

This can be a half day or one day workshop, face-to-face or virtual.

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