The first alliance contract in health and social care

In April 2013 the first alliance contract in health and social care went live. A small but important step in introducing mature ways of commissioning and contracting for the benefit of people using services, providers and commissioners.

The service

The Stockport Enablement and Recovery service aims to support people on their own individual road to recovery following mental illness. It is based on the premise that each person’s recovery from the experience of mental illness and treatment will be uniquely different and the services in place to support an individual’s recovery of a life beyond illness will need to be flexible and bespoke. The service recognises that individuals are more than the diagnoses and symptoms they experience and which define them as patients; they have strengths, skills and assets to contribute and each individual will have multiple roles beyond that of a patient.  What recovery means to an individual will vary; for many people it will mean moving on from the support of services to independence and employment, for others their goals may be more modest necessitating an ongoing relationship with support providers.

The contract development

The service is part of the mental health pathway and involves two providers. You can read about the development of the contract from three perspectives:

A small step

As a start for alliance contracting in health and social care it has been ideal: relatively small, with a great group of committed and able people. In addition, the service has a strong focus on person centred design and care, bringining this together with the collaborative nature of alliancing. It is early days but it feels as if there is so much potential. Watch this space.

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