Cirencester Sofa Month

Published by: You’re Welcome

Date: October 2014

We love this series of videos from You’re Welcome of Cirencester Sofa Month. The idea came about during a community meeting where attendees were thinking about ways to engage with local people.

A week later, You’re Welcome took their sofa out into different parts of Cirencester for a month and their designated ‘Sofa Sitters’ invited passers-by to join them for a chat. Members of the public were asked questions including:

  • “Tell us a story about when you came together with your community to make things better?”
  • “What are the hidden treasures in Cirencester?”
  • “What are your passions and what might you want to do if a couple of others in your community helped you?”

As you can see from the videos included in this article,┬áCirencester Sofa Month led to many great ideas and helped You’re Welcome understand what mattered to local people by┬átalking and listening to them. A great example of creative community engagement!

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