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  1. Who owns demand?

    Reduction in demand is a stated aim of most transformation programmes in the public sector. Yet do we all believe it's our collective responsibility to achieve it?

    In the debate about whether health care can be left to market forces and run as a business, it is ‘demand’ that stands out as […]

  2. The big question

    Which do we change first – the care model or the financial flows and contracts? Traditionally we focus on describing a new care model and changing finances and contracts come later. Would we be better off the other way round?

    In a paper summarising the results of a survey of health providers in USA about their experience of risk based contracts, The Advisory Board Company describe two […]

  3. Championing diversity

    It is interesting that a methodology that came out of very commercial and competitive sectors has so much resonance with the public sector.

    I am often struck by the fact that alliance contracting was developed in the tough competitive and commercial worlds of the oil, construction and infrastructure […]

  4. The NHS Leadership Conundrum

    As a sector we have been awash with leadership development initiatives, programmes, reports, articles and books and speakers and yet we constantly go on about needing better leadership. Why?

    The recent publications from the Kings Fund on leadership in the NHS felt like déjà vu and I admit to laughing at the irreverence of Julian […]