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  1. Conversations matter – moving towards integrated care

    As a newcomer to health and NHS issues I was surprised how negative the conversations around integrated care can be – until people start talking about real stories of care.

    It would be fair to classify me as a fresh pair of eyes when it comes to observing the reform pressures in the Health system. […]

  2. Integrated Governance

    The key to effective integrated governance is to stop the unintegrated governance at the same time.

    In any integrated care initiative people create new committees, boards and teams. If you just add these onto existing lines of responsibility then all you […]

  3. The NHS Leadership Conundrum

    As a sector we have been awash with leadership development initiatives, programmes, reports, articles and books and speakers and yet we constantly go on about needing better leadership. Why?

    The recent publications from the Kings Fund on leadership in the NHS felt like déjà vu and I admit to laughing at the irreverence of Julian […]