Category Archive: Integrated care

  1. Changing the Currency

    Our guest blogger Gemma Self of Reimagine Health gives her perspective on the confusion of measurements and payments in the NHS and makes a plea for change

    Sophisticated currencies or entangled net? We don’t often like to consider money and health in parallel.  It feels like it impacts our decision making adversely, […]

  2. International Conference on Integrated Care

    My reflections on the Barcleona conference with over 1,000 delegates from 50 countries talking about integrated care

     I spent two very pleasant days in Barcelona earlier this week at the International Conference on Integrated Care. It was their 16th conference, my first. […]

  3. Who owns demand?

    Reduction in demand is a stated aim of most transformation programmes in the public sector. Yet do we all believe it's our collective responsibility to achieve it?

    In the debate about whether health care can be left to market forces and run as a business, it is ‘demand’ that stands out as […]

  4. Does your programme need a bit of oomph?

    It is surprising how many people say they are collaborating when all they are doing is talking. Talking is a good start but it is not the same as true collaboration.

    It is not uncommon to find that programme boards or other cross organisational forums have been talking over many months, maybe years. Some good things […]