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  1. Dear Bob

    At a recent conference Bob Ricketts from NHS England shared his frustrations at the pace of change in the NHS. This is my open letter to him in response.

    Dear Bob When you spoke at the Kings Fund conference last week, you made your frustrations clear. Why aren’t we transforming  care faster and with […]

  2. Is a ‘can do’ attitude a problem? Sir Robert Francis thinks it is

    I am always drawn to the counterintuitive and this statement from Sir Robert Francis stopped me in my tracks. He was responding to a question from James Naughtie on the Today programme about what attitudes have to go to put things right in the NHS. He said the ‘can do’ attitude has to go.

    To put this in context, it was an interview about the recent Care Quality Commission allegations. The discussion had moved on to the enormity of […]

  3. Redefining Service Delivery

    A Harvard Busines Review article has an interesting take on service redesign. It notes that service delivery is rarely subject to the same radical redesign or disruptive innovation that happens in product manufacturing. Changing long established norms of the 'way we do things around here' is challenging and they suggest a structured series of questions to help.

    This article in the Harvard Business Review caught my eye (Ways to Reinvent Service Delivery by Kamalini Ramdas, Elizabeth Teisberg and Amy L Tucker in […]

  4. The chapter waiting to be written

    Innovations are, by definition, new so their evidence base may be lacking. Should that stop us?

    “Can you give us examples of where alliance contracts have been used in the health services” someone asks. “No” I reply. “They’ve not yet been […]