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  1. The Essentials of Risk-Based Contracting

    It is rare to read a paper that has so much relevant information that even on the fourth reading, there is something new and applicable. This happened to me recently.

    I was sent The Essentials of Risk-Based Contracting: Avoiding Financial Missteps in Structuring Contracts by The Advisory Board Company. I strongly recommend anyone who is working on […]

  2. True collaboration and real alliances

    It is inevitable that people place their own interpretation on what constitutes an alliance contract. Trouble is, if they use it for a watered down or compromised version, will they miss the point?

    It worries me that people are saying they have an alliance contract when they don’t. When one of these DIY versions hits problems then people […]

  3. Is there an alliance contract template?

    A frequently asked question to which the simple answer is yes. However if the person asking the question thinks that having an alliance contract written up is all that is needed to bring about integrated, collaborative working, they are mistaken.

    When I am asked about sample contracts, I fudge the answer as politely as I can. Of course there are existing contracts that you can […]

  4. No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it

    I had already been engaged by the Symphony Project when I came across this quotation. It perfectly captures the intent and philosophy of the Symphony Project – that you need all parts of the orchestra, playing together, to achieve the result. Each part has a unique role; each part is critical yet not enough on its own; each part knows what the others can and will do and when.

    Matthew Dolman knew he wanted a different name from the usual ‘transformation’ or ‘better care’ or ‘integrated care’ for the project board he chairs in South […]