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  1. A Road Trip or Executive Travel?

    You're working with partners on a programme of change. Which of these most closely describes your journey?

    The Road Trip “we had an idea, jumped in the car and set off” “we didn’t pack anything and don’t know where we’re going” “it’s […]

  2. The Evidence Base for Successful Alliancing

    Our literature review analysed over 80 publications relating to alliances and alliance contracts to determine the factors that lead to success or failure.

    The Evidence Base for Successful Alliancing by Nadine Spalburg and Linda Hutchinson December 2015 Executive Summary Full Report  

  3. Video blog – What is it like to be part of an alliance?

    We asked those who have been involved in developing and running an alliance what it has been like. Hear directly from them about the benefits, the challenges and what advice they would give

    The Integrated Personalised Support Alliance provides services and support for people in Lambeth with severe mental illness. You can read about it in our case […]

  4. Does your programme need a bit of oomph?

    It is surprising how many people say they are collaborating when all they are doing is talking. Talking is a good start but it is not the same as true collaboration.

    It is not uncommon to find that programme boards or other cross organisational forums have been talking over many months, maybe years. Some good things […]