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  1. The Evidence Base for Successful Alliancing

    Our literature review analysed over 80 publications relating to alliances and alliance contracts to determine the factors that lead to success or failure.

    The Evidence Base for Successful Alliancing by Nadine Spalburg and Linda Hutchinson December 2015 Executive Summary Full Report  

  2. The big question

    Which do we change first – the care model or the financial flows and contracts? Traditionally we focus on describing a new care model and changing finances and contracts come later. Would we be better off the other way round?

    In a paper summarising the results of a survey of health providers in USA about their experience of risk based contracts, The Advisory Board Company describe two […]

  3. The story of the road

    I’ve been using the photo of the road since I started telling people about alliance contracting. It is a great story.

    The Lawrence Hargrave Drive runs south from Sydney. The original road, which you can just see in the photo, had a history of rockfalls and […]