Case Study – Nesta

I've been lucky enough to work with some great innovators and leaders around the country. I'll be writing about these in a series of case studies - some live, some completed. Here is the first:

Nesta (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) champions innovation in a number of areas of life. It set up its People Powered Health programme to support the design and delivery of innovative services for people living with long term health conditions (LTCs). People Powered Health puts patients in the driving seat, recognising them as people with assets who can contribute to their own and others’ care. Nesta have worked with six localities around the country who have developed co-produced services and commissioning. It provides funding and learning events and has been tracking and evaluating their progress. Their six characteristics of people powered health are:

  • recognising people as assets
  • building on people’s capabilities
  • promoting mutuality and reciprocity
  • developing peer support networks
  • breaking down barriers between professionals and users
  • facilitating rather than delivering

I had already linked up with Georgina Craig last year when we responded to a call from Nesta for commisioning support for the localities and we were delighted to be selected. Georgina specialises in Experience Led Care Ô which puts people and their experiences at the centre of all aspects of care. We realised we had a strong combination with the ELC approach leading to a vision of services generated by people using them and frontline staff. LH Alliances’ expertise can then bring the innovative commissioning and contracting to make the vision become reality. The following examples are some of the work we went on to do with Nesta.


Newcastle West Clinical Commissioning Group

Newcastle West CCG’s People Powered Health project promotes social prescribing, where GPs refer and encourage people to take up activities instead of, or alongside, their medical prescriptions. After Georgina ran a benchmarking event for them, they requested support for drawing up the contract for link workers.  Ireviewed all their documentation to date and extracted the core elements for an outcome based contract. A facilitated workshop was held with health and social care commissioners to agree the content and the funding model.


Lambeth Living Well Collaborative

The Lambeth Living Well Collaborative had considered alliance contracting for ensuring integrated services across mental health. I worked with them to understand their priorities and context and to identify the aspects of alliance contracting that could bring benefits. This was collated into an Alliance Contract Development Report.


Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council: Adult Social Care

Stockport Council with Pennine Care NHS Trust are redesigning mental health services to discharge people from specialist services through to supportive and welcoming community alternatives. Georgina designed and ran two co-design events with people who use services, carers, frontline staff and commissioners. At these events, emotional mapping allowed each group to ‘walk in each other’s shoes’ and the insights from this were then translated into a vision and strategy for improved services in the future. I am now working with Stockport commissioners on translating this vision into contracts that promote co-production and collaboration between providers.


I will write separately about Stockport’s work in the next Case Study blog. In the meantime, if you want to see comments from those we worked with, please see the testimonial section on the home page.

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