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  1. Stockport Targeted Prevention Alliance

    Stockport Council’s Adult Social Care service wanted a completely new approach to services to prevent those with low levels of need from developing crises and requiring statutory services. LH Alliances worked with them to create a commissioning and contracting approach to achieve their aims.

    Why alliance contracting was chosen Stockport Council has experience with alliance contracting through the Stockport Enablement and Recovery Alliance set up in April 2013. They […]

  2. Lambeth Mental Health Alliance

    Lambeth CCG and Council have let an alliance contract for Integrated Personalised Support for those with severe and enduring mental health needs. They recast separate contracts into one, using a single pooled budget between commissioners. Having first worked with Lambeth in 2012, LH Alliances were delighted to be invited back to be their delivery partner for this exciting idevelopment.

    Why alliance contracting was chosen An alliancing approach fits with the ethos and values of the Lambeth Living Well (LLW) Collaborative. Set up in 2010, […]

  3. Symphony Project

    The Symphony Project was set up to integrate health and social care in South Somerset. Somerset CCG and local partners together defined the ambition to “dramatically improve the way in which health and social care is delivered in South Somerset”.  LH Alliances was engaged in 2013 to provide alliance expertise and facilitation as a delivery partner for the significant change programme to be undertaken.

    Why alliancing was chosen Apart from a shared ambition to design a new more integrated care model there was also recognition for the need for […]