Suzanne Novak

Suzanne develops and implements sustainable strategic solutions for local health economies and having gained experience of alliance contracting strongly believes it is becoming a highly desirable solution to many strategic issues facing many public sector communities today.

Suzanne’s record demonstrates her drive to implement innovation, including:

  • Establishing one of the first NHS alliance contracts in the country across the Leicestershire health community
  • S Novak photoLeading the procurement of the first wave of Equitable Access to Primary Care schemes in Newham
  • Pioneering practice based commissioning  across West Hertfordshire, shifting millions of pounds worth of hospital activity out into community settings
  • Establishing a national HR award winning ground-breaking salaried GP scheme
  • Commissioning one of the first, largest and nationally acclaimed LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) buildings in the UK: an integrated care centre in Hounslow

Suzanne's biography

A qualified health service manager, executive coach and trainer, Suzanne works with lead managers, clinicians and their stakeholders to develop locally tailored solutions using evidence based best practice and ensuring effective patient and public engagement.

Suzanne’s experience of NHS strategy and commissioning stretches back to 1991 and from 1995 she has held director level commissioning roles in various health authorities including primary care trusts in and around London.

Known by her clients as “a doer” and “Mrs Can-do” she provides project leadership and management, prepares Board papers and presentations for every step of the change process and works with CSU teams to design and implement appropriate procurement routes, negotiation strategies and consultation plans.

Suzanne joined the NHS in 1989 as a graduate general management trainee and has worked as a consultant and senior interim manager since 2007.