Archive: Jun 2013

  1. Hospital ratings will set the regulator up to fail

    The recent media storm over the Care Quality Commission should make the Secretary of State for Health think again about hospital ratings. They will not give the public the infomation they need and will be used to discredit the regulator should future poor care be identified in a so called 'good' or 'excellent' hospital.

    In all the furore over the Care Quality Commission, my thoughts are with the current staff. Between the legal challenges that providers jump to if […]

  2. Proud of the NHS?

    I have witnessed many instances of fantastic care, both as a doctor and as a family member. I can also think of instances of care that was not so good but they have been minor and small in number. Until now.

    I am passionate about the NHS, so very proud that my country provides healthcare free at the point of delivery and regardless of means. I […]