Archive: Apr 2013

  1. Better integrated systems or common sense?

    No one can argue against better integrated care but we need to be aware of what problem we are wanting it to solve and whether there are other solutions.

    Integrated care is usually put forward as an antidote to fragmented, unco-ordinated care.  The Nuffield report Commissioning integrated care in a liberated NHS (2011) says […]

  2. The first alliance contract in health and social care

    In April 2013 the first alliance contract in health and social care went live. A small but important step in introducing mature ways of commissioning and contracting for the benefit of people using services, providers and commissioners.

    The service The Stockport Enablement and Recovery service aims to support people on their own individual road to recovery following mental illness. It is based […]

  3. Are health services different from other services?

    A recent Harvard Business Review paper (see previous blog post) on service redesign used examples from the world of health and finance alongside each other. It seemed strange to read about something a hospital somewhere was doing and then, in the next paragraph, how a multinational bank was tackling a similar problem. Are health services and financial services comparable?

    If you compare the customer experience of choosing a holiday, a financial service, an energy supplier or restaurant with that of choosing a health service […]